Saturday, 18 December 2010

regular followers giveaways :)

I don't have a card to show today....yet ( I am working on one for a challenge and will post it as soon as I am finished though), but instead I have some news for you!

I have been a terrible blogger lately and I must admit that I have lost a lot of my followers and regular visitors over the last few months, but I am so grateful for those of you who have stuck with me even tough I haven't been blogging much and to show how much I appreciate it, I am going to have some fortnightly giveaways!! :)

How it will work is every 2 weeks I will choose something to give away, it may be some embellishments, stamps, stamped images or anything else I can bear to give away lol, and everyone who has commented on any of my posts more than 2 times in that 2 weeks will be eligable to win :)
New followers are welcome and of course any of my followers who don't have a blog can enter too, just leave me some comments and you will be in the draw :)

I will have some other blog candys now and then where everyone can enter even if you are not a follower, but this little regular giveaways are only for followers.

Right so what will the first giveaway be???? hmmmm, I have no idea lol. about a mystery goodie bag ? ok that's what it will be because I don't have a camera just now to take a pic lol.

So this will run for 2 weeks one person will be picked from all my comments over the next 2 weeks to win a crafty goodie bag containing some embellishements, maybe a stamp and whatever else I find to add to it :)
You can leave a comment on any of my posts starting with this oneand every comment gives you another entry.
To make it fair though, you must have commented at least twice in the 2 week period, just so it is actual regular visitors who win and not someone who has just left one comment and never visits again.

Thanks again to all you fab people who come visit me and leave me lovely comments, I love to read them :)

Hugs Lora xx


Ksenia said...

wow! i like you idea!

mitch1066 said...

What a sweet thing to do !Wishing you a wonderful weekend:)
I love checking out other peoples blogs and crafts its so inspiring.

Tini said...

Wow Lora - that rock's! Wish you a nice sunday! Hugs Tini

Debbi said...

What a fun idea!

KarenB said...

This is such a busy time of year, it's so hard to keep up with everything, isn't it? I always love dropping in and seeing what people have created, but I don't always take the time to leave a comment.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

That is very sweet of you! Thanks for a chance to win!

Rufus said...

What a marvelously sweet and thoughtful thing to do. But you know that we don't come for candy (at least most of us lol)! As for being terrible..hey it's called life! Don't beat yourself up about it.

TanySol said...

Beautiful idea Lora!
Have a great weekend!

Larisa said...

))) It is great!

craftykitten said...

What a fabulous idea Lora. Life has a habit of getting in the way of things we enjoy doesn't it. Stick with it girl.
Dawn x

Kate said...

Heres to regular blogging in 2011, hope I can keep up with that too!!

Merry Christmas!

** Kate **

Carole RB said...

Hi Lora

This is a great idea. You're generous!

~Michelle~ said...

you are funny Lora! Great idea though!

Goodness knows I'm behind on my commenting...I keep waiting for life to settle...fat chance of that!!

Happy Holidays! :)

Pinkllilac said...

Awe what a lovely thing to do Lora, I was wondering where you had got to. Have a Merry Christmas and I hope a new camera is on your list lol so we can see your creations soon.

Hugs Linda

My name is Wynneth said...

what a really nice and kind idea Lora :O) Looking forward to seeing the challenge card you are working on !

Maria Matter said...

just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas Lora!
hugs & blessings!