Sunday, 16 November 2008

keepsake card

I've been so busy the last couple of days making yet more christmas cards, but today I took a break for a while and got out my new keepsake board which I bought a few days ago but had lost my embossing tool so couldnt use it!!

Anyway I finally found my embossing tool and made a butterfly card. It's made using the elegance and fantasy board which I know is one of the glitter girls older boards, but its new to me :) I only have a few of their boards but I must admit I do like using them especially if I want to make a special card for someone.

I have always looked past the elegance and fantasy board each time I have bought a new board and bought a different one as I thought I wouldnt use it much, but I got it on ebay for nearly half price and I'm glad I got it because after using it today I really do like it.

I actualy made it as a thank you card for someone who was very kind to me a few weeks ago. I had been meaning to make one for her for a while but couldnt decide what kind of card to do, but I made up my mind today as I know she likes the keepsake boards and I wanted something that was a little more special than a "normal"card. I cant say who she is on here just incase she reads it and it spoils the surprise but I have posted a pic as she wont know its for her untill she gets it

I dont really think she will read it because I don't think anyone reads my blog :( but just in case.