Wednesday, 14 April 2010

More Birthday cards

I don't have no cards to show today yet that I have made but the postie just came and delivered 2 birthday cards that 2 of the girls from the By The Cute and Girly design team sent me :) So of course I have to show them!
Again my photos are terrible! I really think there is something wrong with my camera because I can normaly take ok pics indoors even without lights but I just can't get a decent pic no matter what I do.
I will have to go outside today and give it a go outside but for now these pics will have to do.

 This one is from Debby. The cute frog image is done in 3d but my rubbish pic doesn't show it, so you will just have to take me word for it that it is even more pretty in real life :)

And my other card is from Hanna who also sent me a Bildmalarna stamp!

 Again this card looks even better in real life and Anya is all shimmery. And look at the fab stamp I am so lucky to have such a great design team that I can call my friends :)

Thank you girls, I love both cards and the stamp and you will see me using the stamp on a card soon :)
I have been told that another of my sweet blogging friends has sent me a card, so as soon as I receive it I will show that one too :)

I want to say a huge thank you to all my friends in blog land for making my Birthday special.
I did promise a few people that I would tell them what I got for my birthday so here's a list of what I got, but I have told you aleady most of what I got as I didn't get anything from any of my family (except Barry and my kids) so everything I got is from blogging friends! :)
My MIL does have a pressie for me but I will have to wait for that.

So here's what I got:

some beautiful cards from my bloggy friends:) and cards from Barry (my partner) and my kiddies.
a big box of Milk Tray choccies from Barry and the kids and Barry is giving me some pennies to spend on crafty stuff today.
a CC designs stamps from Lorraine which I showed yesterday
a Bildmalarnas stamp from Hanna (shown above)
some lovely Lindor choccies from Lisa in a fab box
2 digi stamps from Stef (Glitterbabe)
a digi stamp from Diane of Di's Digital Downloads
a pile of digi stamps from Stitchy

Big thanks to all you girls, you are all fabulous!



brenda said...

Hi Lora

So pleased you had a great day yesterday and some nice pressies as well by the sound of it.

I've not had Milk Tray for ages, but have a real yearning for some now.

B x

Lisa Jane said...

Hi Lora - so pleased you had a great day - and you got some fab things - its good to know your friends know you well... crafting goodies and chocolates ... Perfect!!
What more could a girl want?

Lisa ;)

Holly said...

Well Happy Birthday to you Lora! Sounds like it's been a good one.