Monday, 12 January 2009

I won!!

Although it is 1.20 am right now, I was just away to switch off my computer and go to bed but something told me to check my emails first. And I am so glad i did, because I had one telling me that i had a comment on my blog, so I went to check it out and guess what...... I won Meda's blog candy (or royal chocolate as she calls it lol)! I really can not believe it because I have never won any blog candy or anything else for that matter.
The winner gets one of the cards she has on her blog (check them out, they are made with the cuttlebug) and also some of the flowers she made the cards with :D

Well I better be getting off to bed now so I can get up for the kids school in the morning!


1 comment:

Meda said...

I know what you mean. I too am one of those who never wins so I am really happy that you had the chance to win on my blog.