Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My crafty surprise!

Yesterday I went to my local paper mill with my b/friend and my youngest daughter while my other 2 children were at school. I only went for some card and paper because they do fill a box for £5 and you can mix and match any of their colours or finishes. So we were having a look around (well actually my 3 yr old daughter was pulling me around and telling me what I should buy. Every time I go there I always drop hints when we pass the die cutting machines but I know every time that I will never get one as we don't have the money at the moment :( well a girl can dream can't she? So anyway my daughter takes me over to all the embelishments and insists that she needs a pack of purple mixed embelishments with buttons, sparkly hearts etc, so after me telling her no for who knows how many times, she went off to ask her Daddy, who by this time was at the till waiting to pay for my card and stuff. Anyway to cut a long story short, he had only just gone and bought me a cuttlebug!!! How excited was I!! I had absolutly no idea he was going to get me one so it was a huge surprise. He also told me to go look at the embossing folders and choose which ones I wanted, but they only had christmas ones in stock, so I didn't get any :( but I did get a die and 4 small embossing folders with the machine so at least I can use them just now :)
He's in my "good books" now for a long time I think lol. But seriously he really is just the best :D :D
Now I'm off to do some creating!


Wendi said...

Wow how lucky are you,I keep looking at these and wishing
Maybe one day
Wendi x

Meda said...

Wow, that is wonderful. I just went to eclecticpaperie.com and spent 30 USD (shipping included) on cuttlebug folders and dies. They even have 75% sale on some dies, but there are so many at 50 %. You can buy a folder for just 2.50 USD. My hubby said we can afford to spend that amount of money.