Saturday, 24 January 2009

I've had a makeover

Well I haven't had a makeover but my blog has. I didn't actually pick this background to start with but the one I picked didn't show any of the sides and I ended up with a plain brown page!! I am rubbish at doing things like that so need to find someone who can change the layout for me so I can have 3 sections as you cant see the side patterns on this background either :( but for now it will just have to do. If anyone can help me I will be your bestest friend :D :D

I started to go through my craft stash last night to try and create some kind of order but I kept finding things I forgot I had and got nowhere with the cleaning :(

I really need to find a storage solution that keeps all my stuff neat and tidy but also where I can find things easily. At the moment everything is kept in plastic boxes stacked on top of one another and it is so hard to find things. I dont have a craft room or even a craft "space" so I have to take everything out then put it all back when I'm done. Which believe me is a BIG pain.

Anyway I think this post has been long enough
so I will leave you with a house mouse card that I made a while ago just for fun.

Hope you are all having a lovely stamping or cratfy day. Thanks for stopping by today.

Hugs Lora

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