Thursday, 29 January 2009

Question about copics

This is just a quick post tonight as Barry is still ill and I don't feel too well myself now, but I am going to make a few cards tonight when all the kids are in bed so will post them on here when I'm finished them.
I just wanted to ask you all about copics.
I want to get some but can't really afford the sketch ones at the moment so thought I would just get some of the ciao ones for now. I only want to get a few to try and saw some on ebay today, they were selling 5 markers plus a fineliner for £10 plus postage and I thought I might get some of them but ended up not ordering them because I didn't know what colours to get! They have a pack of skin tones which I do need, and they also had grey tones, brights, pastels and a hues pack. I'm not sure which colours I would use most so if anyone has any suggestions or advice I would be very gratefull. Also if you know anywhere else that sells them at a reasonable price, (remember I am in the UK though) that would be great too :)

I bought some Marvys month or so ago and I do like them better than other markers I have used but after looking at other peoples cards that have been done using copics, I really want some.
I really blame Rach for this new obsession I have with copics lol, I visit her blog every day and I am always amazed at how brilliant her colouring looks. If you haven't seen any of her work, you really have to go check out her blog, she has so much inspiration on there.

Well so much for the short post lol.

Speak to you all again soon



Rach said...

Hope you feel better soon Lora,
I haven't any of the ciao markers... the reason that i have so many colours is because i couldn't decide which ones to get in the first so i'm not much help there. Thanks for your sweet comment about my blog...**blushing**.
hugs rachxx

steph said...

I use the ciao ones - I get mine from they are under £2.00 each and the delivery is free if the order is over £10. I've always got mine from there (good service!) and am buying a few colours at a time lol! The 'skin' one I use most is E00.